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Children and Play Therapy

 Are you worried about your child?
Has a recent life change such as a move to a new city or a divorce affected him or her?
Or are you noticing that he or she is more withdrawn than ususal, moody, or acting out at home or at school?
Are teacher's expressing their concern to you about your child? 

Children, like all of us, can struggle with behavior, school, peers, and/or life challenges.  Play therapy is a method of working with young children and has been described as "the language of childhood."

Children's issues or concerns come out naturally through their play: 



In the Play Room there are toys which have been selected to help children express a wide range of feelings and issues...

Therapeutic play is an effective way to meet children "where they are" in order to help to resolve their issues and concerns.


In Play Therapy children use specially selected toys to:

  • Express their thoughts and feelings
  • Solve problems
  • Practice new behaviors
  • Develop social skills
  • Explore environmental limits
  • Build and strengthen bonds
  • Heal and grow                                                                                      


Parents and Guardians are the most important and influential people in the lives of children and adolescents.


I partner with Parents/Guardians so that we can work together to help the child, adolescent, or teenager.  I offer Parenting techniques using both Adlerian Family Systems and Positive Discipline approaches.

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