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Blue Mountains

Trauma and EMDR

We all experience stressors in our lives from relationship break-ups, to car accidents, or other major life traumas, both big and small. 

For most of us, over time, we are able to continue our lives and carry on, in a sense, as if the trauma had not happened.

For example, we recover from a break-up and begin to date again, or we can drive our car without intense fear and anxiety.

But for other people, when they are reminded of the traumatic event, it feels to them like it "just happened yesterday," and this can, in some cases, effect optimal functioning in daily life.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a powerful therapeutic technique used to alleviate distress caused by traumatic or other emotionally painful experiences, and to restore a sense of peace and well being.

It is my priviledge to help people work through painful isues and intense emotions, and to see them move back into their lives with confidence and joy.

Training in EMDR levels I and II allows me to utilize EMDR in my practice with clients.  

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