Bipolar Disorder

rocks In Bipolar Disorder (previously known as Manic Depression), a person's mood alternates between the "high" elevated mood of hypomania or mania, and the "low" down mood of depression.

Symptoms of Mania can include:

  • elevated, happy mood or irritable, angry mood
  • increased energy and activity
  • increased thoughts and faster thinking than usual
  • increased talking and faster speech
  • grandiose plans
  • poor judgement
  • increased sexual interest and activity
  • decreased need for sleep than usual

The depressed mood of Bipolar Disorder is similar to that found in Clinical Depression. Changes in mood in Bipolar disorder can last for hours, days, weeks, or months and disrupt the normal activities of daily life.

Both Clinical depression and Bipolar disorder are highly treatable medical conditions. Psychotherapy and medication and recommended treatments and a person can feel back to their normal self and learn how to live with and manage their condition.

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